Affirmations and Their Effects

The world that we live in is the one that we create. We create our world with every thought we think, with every word we speak, and with every action that we take. ~ LeVar Burton

  • Are you saying things to yourself that create a world in which you want to live?
  • Are the things you are thinking about and the actions you are taking helping yourself in your recovery? Will they help you reach your recovery goals?

I’d like to take the time to discuss the incredible power of the mind. We are what we think, and the things we repeat and re-run in our minds eventually become ingrained in our belief system. I know I am guilty of treating myself horribly when it comes to thoughts and beliefs I have toward myself. I am not very nice, gentle, or forgiving with myself. Much of my negative self-scripts probably catalyzed my Anorexia and more than likely catapulted me into the relapse I’m in the process of climbing out of. What exactly is a negative self-script? Some examples of Negative self-scripts are:

  •             Negative beliefs you have about yourself and of which you remind yourself daily.
  •             Negative statements about yourself that you sprinkle into your daily conversations.
  •             Negative assessment you are others have made of your competency, skills, ability, knowledge, intelligence, creativity or common sense. You have agreed with this internally and, thus, believe it to be true.
  •             Negative stories about your past behavior, failures, or performances that you systematically run over in your mind and which influence your daily conduct.
  •             Ways in which you deny yourself for goodness, hard work, and caring by: 1) not taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, 2) living in a style of self-denial and austerity and 3) being afraid to let your guard down and relax, lest you fail to achieve your “Big Pay Off”
  •             Feelings of inferiority you harbor about yourself and the belief that, no matter what you do in life, it will never be good enough
  •             Feelings of over-responsibility with which you burden yourself. This includes the belief that others in your life will never be able to fully take care of themselves and that you are responsible for them no matter what.

So what ends up happening after consistently thinking, believing, and feeling various negative self-scripts? Obviously, the results/outcomes can’t be all that constructive. Though many people—including myself—may believe that “being hard on yourself” or always thinking of the ways you could do better lead to better success in whatever. I think I am starting to wonder if that statement may not be accurate at all. Some outcomes of chronic negative self-scripts are:

  •             Over-dependence on the approval of others
  •             Lack of self-esteem and low self-concept
  •             Immobilization (you cannot take risks, changes, or believe there is anything you can do to get better)
  •             Negativity
  •             Pessimism
  •             Self-pity
  •             Depression
  •             Cynicism
  •             Fulfillment of prophecy (what you think eventually becomes your reality)

Everyone has varying degrees to the extent of which they engage in negative self-scripts, but what can someone do to help reverse the causes of negative-self scripts? Well, the self-bullying thoughts—as I like to refer to them by—did not set up camp in your mind over night and they sure as heck aren’t going to pack up and leave in a night either. Working toward replacing the maladaptive thoughts with positive self-affirmations is an effortful process that takes much patience, persistence and perseverance. Ever try to change someone’s mind about anything? It’s hard! So don’t expect to change your own mind with a snap of your fingers. It is a process. So what are, and what do, positive self-affirmations look like? They are:

Healing, positive self-scripts you give yourself to counter your negative-self scripts
Vehicles by which you can free yourself from your over-dependence on other’s opinions, attitudes, or feelings about you and feel good about yourself. I so need to work on this for myself!

  •             The visualization of a new order and sense in your life, which you can work toward achieving
  •             You take personal responsibility for your health and emotional stability. This one I have really been pondering on the most.
  •             You let go of negative emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying and the resolution of negative feelings from the past so that you can face the present in a less obstructed view.
  •             You give yourself permission to grow, change, to take risks, to rise up, and create a better life for yourself. This is something I truly want to embrace for myself…
  •             The recognition of your own rights and affirming your claim on them.

Whew! Covered a lot, but I really wanted to journal—and blog—about affirmations. I feel too many of us are so consumed in and abide by are negative self-scripts that our health, friendships and relationships, and emotional well-being suffer in result. It’s daunting to think that I am working to change my thought process, belief structure, and view of myself, but I really want to work hard in changing them for the better. Why? Because I don’t think my recovery from Anorexia is going to happen unless I really tackle my current belief system that revolves around Ed. I’m thinking my next blog post might be on ways I think I could begin to act toward changing my negative self-scripts to healthy affirmations. Things I tend to journal and write about tend to resonate with me much longer, so I definitely think that blog post will be written. Lol. Until I squeeze the time in for another post. Here’s a quote I read that I have read over and over in the past few days.

            It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. ~Claude M. Bistol.

Let’s just all try to make those affirmations positive so positive things will happen


5 thoughts on “Affirmations and Their Effects

  1. That was so brilliant. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next post! I can relate to it a lot and I remember a task I got set once which was to treat myself for a day as I would treat my best friend. Just made me realise how negative my attitude was towards myself, but affirmations are a great step towards a more positive future 🙂 Thanks again x

    • thank you! I’m glad you liked my post and am happy to hear that you also make an effort to change your thoughts about yourself 🙂 its not an easy thing to do but I definitely feel it is worth sticking with.

  2. Thanks so much for saying what you did on my post! 🙂 I love your blog! Very informative and very positive. Glad you’re on wordpress.. Now to go read more of your stuff! 🙂

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