Journal Your Thoughts

The two important things I did learn were that you are as strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavor is taking the first step…making the first decision. ~Robyn Davidson

So today, for part of our homework for tomorrow’s IOP meeting, we needed to journal our thoughts on the above quote given to us by the directing therapist. I thought I would share my thoughts concerning the quote.

“You are as strong as you allow yourself to be” This section of the quote struck a particular chord with me. I think people accidentally create an easy out for themselves when they say or feel “I don’t think I am strong enough” when it comes to anything—it doesn’t just have to pertain to recovery. Fixate on this thought enough and you run the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that prevents you from achieving what you originally set out to obtain. I feel the only thing you can do here is to replace the thought with its opposite (i.e. I have the strength inside of me to do ‘this’) and focus on the replacement thought regardless of whether or not you believe it.

The second part of the quote I have mixed feelings about. While I do agree that the decision to take that first step is an incredible feat by itself, I feel the commitment to—and the choice to choose that step—over and over throughout the course of day or week is the most difficult part. It’s one thing to choose recovery for a meal, a day, or a week, but another thing to choose it every time no matter what.

What does this quote spur inside of you? Do you agree with what the author says or believe otherwise? Are there additional things you find to be just as—or more—difficult? Ponder it…maybe it might help breed more insight into what might be holding you back.


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