Happy Thoughts

Sometimes, when things get really tough and you reach the point where you find yourself saying things along the lines of: “What’s the point?” “I’m done” “I can’t do this” “I’m not strong enough” “Why do I keep messing up?” It can be so easy to return to our comfort zone of maladaptive ways of coping with emotions, stress, and fear. For me, its restriction, over-exercise, and anything to do with limiting my food intake. That is my comfort zone. The thing is, I’m trying to move to a new comfort zone; that of recovery. Let me tell you, yesterday was a rough day. The eating disorder was ‘loud’ (loud referring to the amplification of negative thoughts and demands) and frankly, I just needed a big hug, and a big pick-me up. So I returned to my inspiration poster I made last winter to re-read some inspirational and ‘feel-better’ quotes and it did help me to place myself into a better mindset for learning from today and doing better tomorrow. So I thought I would dedicate a post to ‘happy thoughts’ that would include little tid-bits of motivators, feel-betters, and re-assurers. Whatever it may be that you are struggling with, eating disorder or something else. Here’s to hoping these quotes get you to feeling a little better and a little more hopeful than before.

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