About Me

Having told a little bit about the basis of my blog in my last post, I thought that I should share some information on myself to reduce the mysteriousness of who actually is writing these posts.

My name is Anna Reese and, yes, I have anorexia. And, no, I don’t find much humor in the irony of my name and my diagnosis. I am currently a senior in college due to graduate in the spring with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My career goals entail obtaining a master’s degree in mental health counseling and earning a certificate in the specialization of treating eating disorders. I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my husband and my two wonderful puppies, Gizmo and Thor. I love both my puppies and my husband with all of my heart.

My interests include running—which sadly, I am medically forbidden to engage in by my treatment team—writing, playing guitar, and baking. I have a passion for writing poetry and songs. I love words and all the different ways they can be strung together to illustrate an infinite number of intangible concepts. Playing guitar beautifully complements my writing interests. As far as the primary genre of music I play, it is country. Despite having an eating disorder, I love every aspect of baking; every part from the grocery shopping, the recipe, the measuring, stirring, and prepping to the enjoyment of others as they indulge on my work. My other hobbies include listening to music, photography and spending afternoons in coffee shops.

As far as my eating disorder goes, it is something I have dealt with in varying degrees of severity all of my life. The last year and half, however, I most been the most entrenched. Luckily, I have found a great treatment team that has been working with me over the past year to help me find a quality of life without an eating disorder. I have an Internist, a nutritionist, and a therapist. The nutritionist and therapist I see on a weekly basis and the internist once or twice a month. When I first began treatment, they believed I need to be admitted to a treatment center and continued to believe that when I continued to lose weight at the onset of treatment. However, financially, that just wasn’t an option for me and my husband. Despite a year having passed since I entered treatment, I still have a very long road ahead me.

Below are two photos. One is a photo of me and the other is of my two dogs I mentioned. Thor (a chihuahua) is on the Right and Gizmo (a Pomeranian-Chihuahua) is on the left.



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